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Der Reintalersee am Morgen

Dive in and immediately feel the refreshing coolness of the water, which makes your skin tingle and banishes all tiredness.

Mountain Lakes in the Alps

The mountain lakes in Tyrol are the result of various forces, such as glaciers or erosion, which have shaped this beautiful part of nature over the course of time. They are therefore not only wonderful excursion destinations, but also valuable evidence of the geological processes that have shaped the Alps. You are literally swimming in thousands of years of natural history.

The majority of Alpine mountain lakes owe their existence to the glaciers that shaped the landscape during the last ice ages. Around 10,000 to 20,000 years ago, when the glaciers in the Alps reached far down into the valley, they created deep hollows and basins in the rocks. These basins filled with water after the ice masses melted, forming today’s lakes.

One example of this is Ziereiner See. This high-level lake was formed by the melting of a glacier, which left behind a basin that was later filled with melt and rainwater. Glacial erosion formed the basin, which can now be seen as a lake.


Lake Achensee is also known as the ‘Tyrolean Sea’. It is the largest lake in Tyrol and offers a spectacular natural backdrop surrounded by the Karwendel mountains. Whether boating, swimming or SUP, there is something for everyone here. However, the lake is not just a magnet for swimmers – it is also the starting point for numerous hikes and mountain tours.

Reintaler See

The most famous and largest lake in  Alpbachtal is the Reintalersee. It is a favourite destination for swimmers and sun worshippers. The water is pleasantly warm in summer and the surrounding meadows and forests offer numerous shady spots to relax. There are well-maintained sunbathing lawns and even small bathing bays. It is also possible to hire pedal boats and explore the lake from the water.

Reither See

The Reither See is picturesquely situated in the centre of Reith im Alpbachtal and attracts many swimmers, especially on hot summer days. It is surrounded by green meadows and is relatively small, which makes it particularly cosy and family-friendly.

Zireiner See

The Ziereiner See is a true natural gem and lies at an altitude of 1,799 metres in absolute tranquillity. It can only be reached using your own muscle power (or with the help of an e-bike). The trail leads through the breathtaking alpine landscape of Tyrol with green alpine meadows and rugged rocks and the clear water is wonderfully refreshing, especially on hot summer days.


Nestled in an idyllic forest landscape, Berglsteinersee is a real insider tip among the lakes. The tranquil atmosphere and mirror-smooth water create an almost magical atmosphere. The lake is perfect for relaxing walks along the shore or a cosy picnic in the green.