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Why not find a place to dream and lose sight of the here and now? The key to your happiness lies in bringing your attention to what’s unfolding in front of you.

Instant Hygna.

The digital world on standby. Your senses find time to adjust themselves. Slowing down sets the pace for the soul to occupy the space which fills it completely.

Heustadl pool

Rich in contrast, boundless & as free as a bird.

In our hayloft pool, where the old barn was already a power spot and retreat, boundaries blur and fade. Serenity with a view of the world and pure freedom in being are celebrated. The wildly romantic ambience is not only tangible, but palpable.




When was the last time you were really happy and completely aware of the moment? Maybe your private whirlpool will provide the answer. Like a warm hug at the end of a winter’s day, your personal me-time, your Hygna-feeling at the touch of a button.

The pleasure of a private whirlpool awaits you in the Weiden Spa Chalet and Wiesen Spa Chalet.




Vapauttaa [let go] is the magic word. In your private Finnish sauna letting go is as easy as breathing. At 90°C with the scent of local wood, the sauna reaches warmth to a point, bringing calmness into focus and leaving you completely relaxed with a sense of being grounded. Connect beauty with the most valuable and you with yourself.

You will find a private Finnish sauna in each of our chalets. Allow yourself time and relax.

Hygna Wald Chalet Sauna

„When we seek closeness to ourselves, we do not need distraction, no multitude of possibilities, no extravagance. We find closeness in the simplicity of things, which takes us right to our true nature – without detours.“

– Sarah Moser –