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Who we are?

Hello and welcome to Hygna Chalets!

We, the Moser family, are delighted to welcome you here in Alpbachtal, where we have created a small oasis in the midst of beautiful nature. Our Hygna Chalets.

Find time, high above

Since 13 December 2021, we want to offer you not only a place to sleep, but also a place of cosiness, warmth, spending time together, slowing down – a temporary home away from home.

It is our mission for you to relax and enjoy yourself – in the chalet’s own sauna, our breathtaking Heustadl infinity pool or the private whirlpool. We deliver breakfast directly to your chalet. So you can enjoy your first coffee in your pyjamas or bathrobe on your private sun-terrace.


Hygna Chalets

HYGNA, HY… What?

Many of you ask us what Hygna actually means. Hygna, or “hinga” as we say here in dialect, is the name of the district of Reith where our beautiful chalets are located.

As the name and spelling are rather unusual for our latitude, we naturally wondered what exactly Hygna means. It is more reminiscent of the Danish “hygge” than the Alpine region.

So where to start? After a bit of research, we found the notes of a Viennese linguist from the of the 20th century, who assumes that the word hygna comes from the dialect word “hi-na” (which would still fit with today’s pronunciation) and means something like “swampy meadow”.

We, the Moser family

a short introduction:

First of all, there’s my dad, aka “the boss”, Norbert, who had something like the basic vision for the Hygna Chalets a long time ago. He can usually be found working around the chalets or in the tractor. If you see someone who looks like a maintenance man, it’s almost certainly him ;).

Then there’s mum aka “the boss”, Karin, who keeps everyone on their toes from the back office with her organising skills. She is the good spirit of the family behind the scenes and sacrificially takes care of all the dry office stuff that I (Sarah) am less fond of.

Christoph – younger child and my brother. Christoph is our favorite technician and, as a computer scientist, always has to step in when the computer or printer breaks down. As he goes his very own way professionally, he can be found in the chalet village especially in technical emergencies or for special tasks (snow removal).

And last but not least, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sarah and I am “somehow  the boss but then again still the daughter”, but in any case I am “the face” on site together with our reception team.

Hygna_2022-192 (Mittel)

Have a wonderful time at Hygna Chalets! -Fam. Moser